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JUN-AIR is quiet air
JUN-AIR has become a leading supplier of quiet air compressors used in laboratories, dental clinics, medical, beverage, graphic, and industrial applications worldwide. It's products include a full range of standard and customized compressors and cabinets. Continuous development of products and production facilities helps maintain JUN-AIR's enviable reputation for quality and reliability among its more than half a million satisfied customers.
GAST sets the standard in the pneumatic industry
Gast Manufacturing Incorporated has developed into a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of air-moving products. GAST offers cost-effective solutions to pneumatic problems for both OEM and end-users. Currently GAST produces over 100 basic models of quality pneumatic pumps designed and built to meet the changing needs of industry.

GAST offers an extensive and versatile line of air-moving products, including vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gearmotors, vacuum generators, and regenerative blowers. GAST designs and builds these components for original equipment manufacturers worldwide.
To learn more about our products, please read the overviews below. For more detailed information on each products, just click on the product link for each.

Quiet & Clean Air -
Oil-less Rocking Piston Pumps

Quiet Air -
Oil Lubricated Compressors

Quiet & Clean Air -
Oil-less Piston Pumps

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps and

Rocking Piston Compressors and Vacuum

Piston Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Diaphgram Vacuum Pumps and

Regenerative Blowers
(includesExplosion Proof Version)
Air Motor / Gear Motor

Linear Pumps

Dry Sprinkler Pumps and Systems

Compressed Air Tank Systems
Gast & Jun-Air

GAST and JUN-AIR's global leadership position in the industry is a result of innovation in both designing and manufacturing.
We set the industry standard in the pneumatic industry
A high employee engagement experience
Gast believes that everyone has a unique contribution to make and is focused on matching the right experience with the right opportunities.
Leading the Industry
Gast has extensive knowledge of the pneumatic industry and our customersneeds continually drive the development of new and innovative products. With the expertise of our Gast engineers and
designers, we're able to help identify and implement optimal products for each of our customers'
specific applications.
Producing What's Best
Our products are trusted to operate in critical applications, due to their advanced performance and
durability.  To virtually eliminate downtime, they'realso designed for ease of serviceability and many
are equipped with dual-voltage motors - making them the most versatile products in the pneumatic
Providing Unsurpassed Customer Service
Gast and its global distribution network provide the support and service our customers can count on.
With our comprehensive product line, OEMs can minimize their product development timeline and
investment, so they can get to market faster than their competitors.  Additionally, OEM customers are
also assigned dedicated customer service and account managers, along with product and service training.
From our comprehensive product portfolio and service to our dedicated OEM training, we're continually committed to providing our customer with a truly unforgettable experience.