Authorized Distributor of GAST & JUN-AIR


JUN-AIR compressors are ideal within many applications. They are quiet in operation and provide clean, compressed air.

In addition, all JUN-AIR compressors have a unique design and are updated with the latest technology, making them suitable for use in an increasing number of applications, e.g.: dental clinics, laboratories, dispense systems, graphics, health care, door opening devices and fitness equipment. Just to mention a few examples of applications, using clean and quiet compressed air.

JUN-AIR Applications


Sophisticated use of clean and dry compressed air within the dental industry results in an increasing demand for higher quality air compressors. The standard products range from small models suitable for single users to large models suitable for clinics with up to 10 users. In addition to the standard range, JUN-AIR offers a variety of accessories and large customized units, meeting the requirements of the individual customer and making JUN-AIR compressors the ideal choice for every dental clinic.

Health Care

A wide range of applications in the medical industry and health care products use compressed air. E.g.

Rehabilitation and Fitness Equipment
Orthopedic Treatment/EWST
Equipment for Ultrasonic and Pneumatic Lithotripsy for Stone Management
Veterinarian Applications
Suction Systems for Ear-Nose-Throat Treatment
Pneumatically Powered Vest for Development of Brain-Injured Children


For gas generation, zero-air generation, FT-IR generation, and nitrogen generation.

-  Analysis
Rheometers Particle size analysis TOC, THA, DSC, TGA, TOD, CO analysis

-  Laboratory automation
Automated liquid dispensing Blood sampling Sampling for food analysis Microscopy

-  Chromatography
GC - Gas Chromatography Zero air generator

-  LCMS instruments
Nitrogen generation

-  X-Ray

-  Spectroscopy
AA (Atomic Adsorption) NMR spectrometer FT-IR spectrometer ICP spectrometer

-  Sampling
Auto samplers

-  Vibration free table


Our experience includes approvals for industries as different as the medical industry, food and beverage, graphics, dental, laboratory and health care as well as many others.

Increasingly, developers of instruments and machinery realize the advantages of integrating as many components as possible directly into their design. Consequently, more and more manufacturers of products, which require compressed air, have chosen to upgrade their solution from standard compressors to customized air solutions, accommodating their individual needs and requirements.

There are many important aspects to consider in the process of designing complete air solutions, such as noise, vibration, ventilation and aesthetics, just to mention a few. JUN-AIR has gained a high level of experience and expertise by co-operating with the R&D engineers of the customers. This way, JUN-AIR has obtained the synergy, necessary to create and develop successful products with a high level of features and functionality.

JUN-AIR's experience also covers the design and technical aspects of the process. Furthermore, JUN-AIR has great knowledge of the different safety and legal requirements worldwide. In many cases, JUN-AIR co-operates with the customers concerning the approval of the solutions in which the compressors are integrated. The experience includes approvals for industries as different as the medical industry, food and beverage, graphics, dental, laboratory and health care as well as many others.

GAST Applications

We offer a comprehensive line of versatile and flexible air-moving solutions that solve our customers' toughest application challenges.


Gast provides high-quality air-moving solutions that help preserve and protect our environment, including compressors that meet a variety of applications in the environmental and safety markets.  Our sales and marketing experts work closely with our experienced engineers to develop solutions for virtually any environmental application challenge.

Breathing Air

Pond Aeration

Tank Aeration

Dry Sprinkler Systems

Refrigerant Reclamation

Air Sampling and Monitoring

Ozone Generators

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Water Purification Systems

Portable Dosimeters

Fuel Vapor Recovery Equipment

Sewage Aeration

Pest Control Equipment

Food and Beverage

With decades of experience in food and beverage processing, Gast products deliver reliable quality in the toughest environments.  Our solutions provide peace of mind when performance and dependability are at the forefront of your business needs.

Ice Cream and Yogurt Dispensing
Beverage Dispensing
Product Misting and Humidification Equipment
Nitrogen Generation
Food Processing and Packaging
Milking Equipment
Coffee and Espresso Equipment

General Industrial

As the most recognized name in air-moving products, Gast provides quality solutions for a wide variety of applications in business and industry.  Our customer base is built on OEMs getting precisely the right product for their application.

Agricultural Equipment
Air Knives
Liquid Pump Drives
Chip Removal/Parts Blow Off
Liquid Agitation
Mixing Equipment
Concrete Aeration
Cable Pressurization
Fume Extraction Equipment
Oil Atomization
Fiberglass Choppers
De-soldering Equipment
Torque Multiplier Wrenches
Core Drilling
Vacuum Hold Down
Vacuum/Thermoforming Equipment
Vacuum Systems
Dust/Chip Collection


Providing rugged product design and reliable performance on demand, Gast pneumatic solutions drive the air-source requirements for many transportation applications.  When high-performance and efficiency or low-profile and maintenance are desired, Gast has the technology to address the need.

Suspension Systems
Braking Systems
Tire Inflators
Bus/RV/Truck Door Openers
Tire/Wheel Changers and Balancers
Oil Change Equipment
Auto Detailing Equipment
Automotive Emissions Testing

Medical and Laboratory

Ever mindful of the needs of the patient, Gast offers proven reliable, quiet, high-quality products for the most demanding medical, dental, and laboratory applications.  The dependable, lasting and low-maintenance features that these products are known for make them the natural choice for system integration.

Medical Aspiration
Medical and Dental Sterilization
Respiration Monitors
Oxygen Concentrators
Eye Surgery Equipment
Body Fluid Analysis Equipment
Blood Pressure Monitors
Air Mattresses
Dental Vacuum Mixers
Dental Vacuum Ovens
Dental Compressors and Hand Tools
Dental/Surgical Suction
Circulation Therapy
Liposuction Equipment
Dermatology Equipment
Nitrogen Generation
Lab Automation
Laboratory Vacuum
Vacuum Filtering
Vacuum Centrifuge
Medical Nebulizers

Printing and Packaging

Designed for continuous operation in high-volume repetitive applications, Gast products are a staple for the printing and packaging industry.  With Gast's product versatility, long life, and low maintenance, you can virtually fit it and forget it.

Graphic Arts Equipment
Ink Drying Equipment
Ink Jet Printers
Marking and Labeling Equipment
Envelope Openers and Collating Inserters
Vacuum Frames
Pharmaceutical Packaging

Material Handling

Gast has demonstrated decades of successful pneumatic solution integrations supporting a vast range of material-handling applications, serving as the driving force for conveying, filling, and hoisting applications.  Whether the requirement is for precision inching and indexing, power retraction, or load lifting, Gast has the product solution to suit your material-handling needs.

Conveyor Drives
Air Tables
Hose and Cable Reels
Vacuum Pick-and-Place
Plastic Pellet Drying/Conveying
Automated Product Feeding Systems
Vacuum Hoists
Vacuum Mixing
Bag Packaging Equipment
Vacuum Filling
Hoist and Winch Drives
Pneumatic Conveying Systems